NOTICE: Neither Hong Kong vACC nor VATSIM have any control over the management or quality of these virtual airlines. Joining these virtual airlines is on a voluntary basis. Hong Kong vACC and VATSIM assume no responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences as a result of participating in these virtual airlines.

CX Virtual (CPA)

With a special focus on historical operations, we aim to provide you with the best experience of a virtual pilot through our extensive schedules, destinations and fleet.

Singapore Virtual Airlines (SIA)

Singapore Virtual Airlines Group was founded in 2008 on the Simmiles platform to address the lack of an SIA-based virtual airline. Starting with a handful of routes loosely based on major SIA destinations, it wasn’t long before SilkAir and SIA Cargo were added to the list. They remain the only SIA-based virtual airline that has exclusive partnerships with regional VATSIM ATC divisions.