VATSIM Hong Kong

The official vACC of Hong Kong providing services to the Hong Kong FIR. Including Chek Lap Kok, Kai Tak, and Macau airport.


What We Offer

We have been constantly improving our services since our opening in 2006!

Air Traffic Control

We are always looking for new recruits in the Hong Kong vACC. Apply under the Join Us section of the website.

VATSIM Hong Kong vACC Discord

Want to make friends and talk to staff and controllers? Join our Discord with the button below! Please set your Full Name and CID as shown on your VATSIM account as your Discord nickname when joining.

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Beat the time while flying Long Haul

Yes, flying long haul can be relentless but could we recommend some great Hong Kong Specific activities which can beat the time. Some great movies we suggest is Infernal Affairs (無間道). We also recommend the Hong Kong T.V. series Triumph in the Skies 衝上雲霄. As for music, we suggest many different songs!

Pilot Info

Are you flying out of Hong Kong for the first time? Check out our pilot center for details on specific Hong Kong Procedures.


Want to leave some feedback? Did one of our controllers blow you away or did they make you want to go away? Regardless we would love to hear your feedback. Please visit the VATSEA HQ, login with your CID and password and note the CID and position of the controller.

VATSEA-HQ ATC Feedback Link

Kai Tak Operations

We do run Kai Tak Operations! And don't you worry if this wind is 310 at 10 knots as we will still let you fly the Historic IGS 13 Approach. We have a yearly Kai Tak Staff up event as well so feel free to join us!


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