About Us

The official vACC of Hong Kong on VATSIM!

We have a vast history, and over the past years have evolved massively to include many new and exciting features in VATSIM Hong Kong that we love to share with the community.

Our Mission

We want to showcase and share our love of Aviation with everyone from Hong Kong and Macau and even the rest of the world!

Our Vision

We want to inspire the young and old to get involved in aviation. If that means them becoming a pilot or an air traffic controller or even a tow truck driver, we want to inspire you to do whatever you want!

Why Us

We have many different members in our community from real life pilots to enthusiasts and all in between. We don't discriminate on if you are a local or expat or even your mother tongue. We are here to share our passion among all of us and let it flourish around people who are the same passion as yourself.




Team Members

1,000+ Hours


Our History

Since our opening in 2006, the VATSIM Hong Kong vACC has been growing year by year to what it is today. We are a flourishing division with many active controllers, and we are happy with our involvement within the community and our improvement over the years. They have grown VATSIM Hong Kong to be recognised within the community as a home for aviation enthusiasts within Hong Kong. With the help of many different people alongside, VATSIM Hong Kong vACC has been recognised as a powerhouse within the VATSIM Southeast Asia Division.